Past and current work for review

21 to 35 in Vietnam

Roughly one-third of Vietnam’s population fall between the ages of 21 to 35. They are constantly looking to the world for inspiration and in doing so are reinventing what it means to be Vietnamese.

Return to Country

A quarter of working-age Filipinos live and work overseas. They are labeled as “OFW”s – Overseas Foreign Workers – by their country and find themselves straddling two worlds: the country of their birth and their country of employment. For these ten million OFW’s, it is the push and pull of these worlds that embodies the spirit of their transnational identity.

Return to Country exhibition at Martin Parr Foundation

Part of a group show at the Martin Parr Foundation that ran in December 2017. Assembly: Litho printing from Large Format Positives onto brown paper then glued onto cardboard using PVA.

Additional experimental work

This set of work was created during my MA studies at UWE Bristol

Lighting sketches

Sketches for lighting subjects for editorial assignments

Drawing and Painting

You Don’t Live Here Anymore

Work in progress exploring identity through memory.